Success Stories

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"I started going to Balanced Atlas & Migraine Center at the beginning of September 2014. I was unsure how this whole process was going to work, but I have suffered from migraines for years and medication just isn't for me. After 3 appointments I could notice a change. And now that it's 3 months later I feel amazing. My headaches are almost non-existant. For 15 min of my time, I can feel better? Yes please! I would definitely recommend seeing Dr Saggau. She is really nice and knows what she's doing." ~ Veronica G.

"Dr. Saggau is awesome!  My standard of living has greatly improved since I've been going there.  It didn't get better at first, but with time and patience, I notice a huge improvement.  And Jessica, the massage therapist, is great as well!" ~ Michelle S.



"I have visited Balanced Atlas & Migraine Center 3 times, and have always come out feeling better than when I went in.  Dr. Saggau concentrates on my neck, but it's my back and hip that don't hurt when I leave!!  I love the feeling of no pain after the adjustment!!  The office is located in the Southpark area, which is convenient for me, as well!  It is a comfortable and beautiful office with friendly staff.  Thank you, again!" ~ Cindie W.



"Had such a wonderful experience here, beautiful office, nice staff, and I felt very comfortable during my first experience with a chiropractic treatment, it was great!" ~ Rhianna W.



"Arrived in this office three months ago scarcely able to walk because of severe upper leg pain due to overzealous gardening cleanup. Lindsay has worked to realign my spine and leg length which in turn alleviated the extreme discomfort. Jessica has given me wonderful massages that have relaxed my entire back and limbs and has returned me to a level of normalcy I did not realize hadn't existed for some time. Together they have put this "puzzle" back together again. I can't thank them enough." ~ Rita S.



"To tell the truth I was skeptical at first. After Dr. Lindsay's thorough exam I came to find out I was way out of balance and one leg was longer than the other. Which she documented with measurements and photos. I had no idea but I did know I was having a lot of pain with my feet. After the first adjustment she remeasured and took an after photo and to my amazement they were both the same length. Since then my pain has decreased and I believe her treatment has played a great part in this. I fully intend to return to Dr. Lindsay for follow up treatment." ~ Karolee L.


"Dr. Lindsay and staff are wonderful and caring. Made my visit so more relaxing and pain free. Thank you so very much." ~ Shirley M.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Science

Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the state of Colorado

Board Certified in Atlas Orthogonal

Dr. Lindsay Saggau DC,BCAO