The Secret to Relieving Migraines in Littleton, Colorado

Migraines can really be devastating and cause you to lose out on activities with family and friends. Sadly, there is a large number of sufferers around the world who can testify to this. Around 39 million people in the United States have migraines. Women are more likely to get migraines, but men and children experience them too. Even though migraines are so common, they still remain a bit of a mystery among the medical community. This often causes them to be improperly diagnosed, and it is hard to find the proper way to care for them.

Does Lasting Relief Exist?

Migraine sufferers have tried a number of different things to care for their pain, making them skeptical of anything claiming to help. Medications – either over-the-counter or prescription – come with various, unwanted side effects that are undesirable to those with migraines. They also have proven to be less effective than hoped for. This causes many to seek out a natural way to care for migraines. Does it exist?

Proof that Upper Cervical Care Helps Migraines

A study was conducted of 101 migraine sufferers. Out of these, 87 recalled a specific head or neck trauma that happened before the onset of their migraines. They were all given specific atlas adjustments by a trained upper cervical chiropractor. What was the outcome? As many as 85 of these saw their headaches go away completely, while the remaining 12 saw great improvement. Why does this form of care work when others do not?

How Upper Cervical Care Eases Migraines

Here at Balanced Atlas & Migraine Center, we understand the delicate relationship between the top bones of the neck and migraine headaches. A misalignment in one of these bones can cause stress on the nervous system and postural imbalances that irritate nerves. This leads to improper blood flow to and from the brain and a dysfunction in the nervous system – both reasons for migraines to happen. By using a gentle method to realign these bones, many of our patients see similar results to the study mentioned above.

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