Dizziness Brought About by Head Trauma – Help Is Available

When you have endured an injury to your head or neck, you may develop other health problems that you do not realize are related. Things such as vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium (feeling off balance) may occur. These may happen due to a dysfunction of the ears or the balancing system that came about when you hit your head.

How the Brainstem Can Cause Dizziness

The top two vertebrae of the upper neck – the C1 (axis) and C2 (atlas) – make up part of the upper cervical spine. These bones are designed to protect the brainstem from damage. However, if they move out of alignment, they can actually put stress on the brainstem, causing it to malfunction and affecting other systems of the body as well. The heavy head, weighing as much as 14 pounds, sits on top of these vertebrae. If it is not level, the body compensates by twisting and shifting the spine to keep it level with the horizon line. This is called the righting reflex and works at keeping you in proper balance. This can further stress the brainstem and, in turn, the nervous system.

The brainstem holds the key to keeping you balanced and upright. It connects the brain to the spinal cord and nerves of the spine. The brainstem is responsible for sending information through pressure sensors in the upper neck to the brain. This information is then sent to the ears via the cranial nerves in order to keep balance. If there is even a small distortion in these signals due to an upper neck misalignment, vertigo, disequilibrium, and dizziness may happen.

Finding Relief for Dizziness Through Proper Neck Alignment

After reading the above information, doesn’t it make sense that if the misalignment present in the upper neck is corrected, dizziness may go away? This is what we strive to do here at Balanced Atlas & Migraine Center in Littleton, Colorado. We use a gentle method that does not require us to crack the spine or neck, but rather we encourage these bones to move back naturally into place, bringing positive results to our patients.

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