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Migraine pain is not easy to deal with, and many live in fear of when the next attack will hit. The good news is that this may not have to be a lifelong sentence of pain. Researchers have shed light on the possible reasons for and solutions to migraines.

Studies Providing Insight on Migraines

Dr. Raymond Damadian invented the MRI and used it in a number of studies. He was looking closely at the top bone of the neck, the C1 vertebra (atlas), and how it related to the overall health of a person. He noted that if this bone misaligns, the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid is hindered. This can lead to intracranial pressure and migraines as cerebrospinal fluid pools.

Another study performed in the Netherlands examined the link between patients who have had migraines for an extended period of time and whether they were showing signs of progressive brain damage. Twenty-eight people were part of this study and agreed to undergo diagnostic imaging. Patients with fewer migraines showed fewer abnormalities than those who had at least three migraines per month. They also found that patients who have had migraines for over fifteen years showed more signs of abnormalities than those who had them for less time.

Caring for Migraines Naturally

These studies both show a connection between upper spinal misalignments, migraine headaches, and changes in brain function. This points to upper cervical chiropractic as a good way to identify and correct the underlying issue of atlas misalignments.

Here at Balanced Atlas & Migraine Center, we have helped many patients to find relief by using a gentle method, referred to as Atlas Orthogonal, to help encourage the bones of the neck to move back into place. After adjusting these bones, the body begins to function at its proper level once again, and migraines often decrease or even go away entirely.

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