Balanced Atlas & Migraine Center Tackles Sciatica

Sciatica is not easy to cope with. It has to do with the largest nerve in the body, and it can be quite painful when this nerve is irritated. The sciatic nerve comes from the lower area of the back and branches off into each leg. Depending on what part of the nerve is being impacted, the pain can show up in a number of different places. One may have discomfort in the buttocks, lower back, legs, or hips. Pain usually is on one side of the body only and can include tingling and numbness.

Does it Matter Which Way One Sleeps?

Yes, sleep position definitely matters when one is coping with lower back pain. Sleeping positions can especially play a role in sciatica pain. What is recommended?

Sleeping on the stomach is not acceptable. Imagine looking over one shoulder all day long. This is similar to sleeping on one’s back. It stresses the spine and causes a number of problems.

  • Suggestion: Use a body pillow to get used to a better sleeping position.

Side sleeping is okay. While not the recommended position, it is alright when it comes to protecting the neck and back. Just remember that if the knees do not stay properly on top of each other, the spine is being twisted.

  • Suggestion: Keep a pillow between the knees to maintain proper position.

Back sleeping is the best way to support the neck and spine.

  • Suggestion: If one still suffers from back pain, try keeping a pillow behind the knees to take even more pressure off of the lower back.

Sciatica Help in Littleton, Colorado

Often, the underlying cause of sciatica has to do with a misalignment in the upper part of the neck. This cause the spine to shift to compensate and may lead to an irritation of the sciatic nerve. At Balanced Atlas & Migraine Center, we can detect and then work to correct the misalignment that may be the underlying cause of sciatica. Many have seen success after having gentle and long-lasting atlas adjustments performed.

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