October 9, 2017

Fibromyalgia is known for causing widespread pain throughout the body. Diagnosing this condition can be difficult because there are many other diseases with similar symptoms that need to be ruled out, and this can take time and energy. Most often, family physicians or specialists will recommend taking some type of medication to care for the individual symptoms rather than handling the disease as a whole. However, there was also another issue discovered during a recent study, making things even more difficult.

Revealing Facts About Fibromyalgia

A study observed 226 fibromyalgia patients over a two-year period in order to gauge how their pain measured up to the standard for a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. As time went by, a majority of the patients fell in and out of the criteria for fibromyalgia. So, what does this mean? When you visit your doctor and suspect you have fibromyalgia, a diagnosis may depend on what type of symptoms you are experiencing during the visit. If your fibromyalgia has...

Fibromyalgia affects women more often than men, and as many as six million people are diagnosed in America. What are the symptoms of this ...

Fibromyalgia is known for causing pain throughout the body. Another symptom, however, is a feeling of numbness and/or tingling in the fingers and hands. This is often related to a misalignment of the vertebrae of the upper neck area. What are some other reasons for numbness and tingling?

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: This occurs when the median nerve in the carpal tunnel becomes pinched and causes a tingling sensation in the hand, forearm, and wrist. Almost anyone can have this occur, but it seems to be more common in those who are typing at a computer all day.

  • Thoracic outlet syndrome: When the nerves and blood vessels located in the collarbone and first rib become compressed, this is the end result. Other symptoms include shoulder and neck pain.

  • Pinched nerve: Most people are familiar with a pinched nerve due to pressure on a particular nerve. It is important to note, however, that the pain and numbness felt can be far away from the source.

  • Herniated disc: Discs are the s...

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